Spearmint Essential Oil 10 ml
Spearmint Essential Oil 10 ml
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Spearmint Essential Oil 10 ml

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 Spearmint is a milder mint that is sweet-smelling and refreshing. It is known as an antiseptic for wound healing properties and can relax the nerves and muscles of the body. 

Used in aromatherapy, Spearmint Oil is said to help reduce nasal congestion caused by the excessive buildup of phlegm and mucus in the nose. 


  • Diffuse Spearmint essential oil for a positive environment and to help ease headaches.
  • Apply to wounds to clean them, prevent infection, and help them to heal faster
  • Use in a massage oil to de-stress and relieve post-workout muscle pain and fatigue.
  • Drops of spearmint oil can be added to your bath water to help with relaxation and pain relief.


Botanical: Mentha spicata

Origin: India

10ml Bottle