100% ALL Natural Bar Soaps are fragranced with only natural plant extracts. These Pure & Natural soap bars are made with nourishing ingredients like Raw Shea Butter, Premium Essential Oils, Plant Oils, Natural Clays, and Organic Ingredients. 

  • TRULY ALL NATURAL HANDMADE SOAP: Our Artisan 100% Natural Handmade Soaps are made with herbs, essential oils, certified natural fragrances, and our base soap blend of Olive Oil, Organic Sustainable Palm Oil, Coconut Oil, & Shea Butter. They contain no synthetic (man-made) materials. We are committed to only using sustainable and safe ingredients that are responsibly sourced and from reputable suppliers.
  • 100% ESSENTIAL OIL FRAGRANCED SOAP BARS: A product is only as good as the ingredients used to make it. Essential Oils are the natural version of the fragrance, in that, they are highly aromatic fluids taken from nature (plant leaf, flower petals, tree bark, etc.). We use 100% Essential Oils from nature to fragrance our All Natural Bars of Soap.
  • QUALITY TRADITIONALLY MADE COLD-PRESSED SOAP BARS: Once upon a time, all soap was handmade. The traditional soap-making method was and still is called the cold process method. All of our soap is truly handmade from scratch. Our soap bars are made by hand in the USA in small batches by using the Cold-pressed soap-making method. 
  • MOISTURIZING & GOOD FOR YOU SOAPS: Sadly many people have the misguided perception that all bar soaps will dry your skin out, but the problem is that most commercially made “bar soaps” are made with detergents and are not real soap. Our soap bars are moisturizing because they are made with real plant based oils and shea butters, helping our bars to produce a rich luxurious lather and transform dry skin to silky smooth skin.