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NAG CHAMPA | Eau de Parfume Spray & Perfume Oil

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Nag Champa is a popular incense aroma from India and is often used in meditation for its relaxing qualities. This fragrance is heavy, yet airy. Woodsy and clean. A touch of floral, but masculine. Our fragrance has sweet hints of amber, musk, and vanilla alongside deep woods. 

NOTES: Musk, Amber, Vanilla, Orange Flower, Geranium, Spice, Patchouli, Woods


    Available Sizes:
    1oz Eau de Perfume Spray
    2 oz Eau de Parfume Spray
    15 ml Travel Perfume Spray
    10ml Perfume Oil Roller Ball

    MADE ESPECIALLY FOR YOU: Harness the unique ability to evoke memories and emotions with our carefully crafted handmade fragrances. Our fragrances are remarkably strong, true to life, and each scent is a total mood. We make each perfume order on demand. Your handcrafted unique perfume bottle is freshly made at the time of purchase, just for you. 

    CONSCIOUSLY CRAFTED PURE AND CLEAN FRAGRANCES: Our entire line of perfumes and home fragrances are Vegan, Phthalate Free, and Cruelty-Free. Scented fragrances directly influence the behavior and mood of all human beings, why not manifest your own scent journey with our beautifully crafted lines of perfumes and candles. Made in USA | Handmade | Vegan | Support Small Business

    PERFUMES MAKE MAGICAL GIFTS: The idea of using perfume as a gift is an ancient practice. From the Egyptian-Roman period, perfume is considered a token of extra affection when used as a gift. Perfume is recognized as an emotional gift to many people and conveys the sender’s emotions. Giving perfume as a gift means that you may know the receiver's tastes very well and have put extra thought into the gift for the recipient. Make someone's day special with this custom gift for her.

    EAU DE PERFUME FRAGRANCE SPRAYS: We use a higher concentration of fragrance oils to create a superior fragrance for our customers. Our Eau de parfum actually lasts longer than a traditional perfume spray as it has a higher concentration of fragrance oil to ensure your scent lingers longer and produces a longer shelf life. 

    • Available in 1 oz/30 ml spray or, 15ml Travel Spray

    SUPERIOR PERFUME OILS: Our perfume oil rollerballs are perfect for those who want an alcohol-free perfume option. Our Perfume Oil Roll On is the perfect size to take with you on the go so you can freshen up anytime, anywhere at your convenience. Perfume oils are more concentrated and will last on your skin longer than the normal perfume spray but they will not fill your surrounding space with fragrance. The scent will be a more intimate experience as you roll the perfume on pulse points and the fragrance is released as your body warms the scent.

    • We made our perfume roll-ons with fractionated coconut oil, a super common emollient that makes your skin feel nice and smooth. It has a light texture, is non-greasy, and is super well tolerated by every skin type. No wonder it’s popular.
    • To use, apply the perfume oil to pulse points on well-hydrated skin. 


    Perfume Oil: Fractionated Coconut Oil and Skin Safe Fragrance

    Eau de Parfum: SD Alcohol 39C, Fragrance Oil, DEP, Benzyl Salicylate.